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Our Voice - Autumn 2006


Editorial - Healthy Wages for all SFWU members
On 8 March our union launched a major campaign to bring 47 SFWU Nga Ringa Tota collective employment agreements in our public hospital system into one big national agreement.... more

Campaign News - Healthy Pay for Healthy Hospitals
Thousands of SFWU Nga Ringa Tota members in over 21 public hospitals launched the 'Healthy Pay for Healthy Hospitals' campaign for one national collective agreement (MECA) on March 8th, which is celebrated annually as International Women's Day... more

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Latest SFWU Nga Ringa Tota News

Service and Food Workers Union Welcomes Supreme Court Decision
The Service and Food Workers Union has welcomed today’s Supreme Court decision not to... more...

Hospital Food Decision Bad for Workers, Bad For Patients
“Auckland Hospital Board’s decision to contract out hospital food services and... more...

The writing's on the wall in aged care, so let's get on with it.
"Thousands of aged care caregivers and all fair-minded New Zealanders will be deeply disappointed... more...

A victory for home support members
New agreement means big changes for NZ's fastest growing health sectorThe Government, unions,... more...

Government attacks on lowest paid just keep on coming
"The Government has put the boot into low income workers again," said Service and Food Workers... more...