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Clean Start - Fair Deal for School Cleaners

Update for Directly Employed School Caretakers, Cleaners and Canteen Workers - 22 July 2010

Clean Start Fair Deal for Cleaners LogoAfter 10 months of demanding a wage freeze the Ministry of Education last week offered an increase of 1.5% effective from 13 July 2010 running to 12 July 2011.

This will lift the minimum rate for cleaners and canteen workers to $14.84 per hour. For caretakers the minimum rate will increase to $15.57 per hour for Grade 1 and $16.89 for Grade 2.

We have posted a leaflet to all members, along with a copy of the formal offer from the Ministry and a ballot paper. Members who have received these should return their completed ballot papers by post it in the envelope provided by 5pm on Monday 26 July.

A National Rate for Government Cleaners

On 1 July 2009 we established parity between the minimum cleaning rate in schools and the minimum cleaning rate in public hospitals when the
minimum rate in your CEA went up to $14.62. This meant a pay increase of up to 22% for most members!

The hospital rate has now moved by 2% from $14.62 an hour up to $14.91 per hour from 1 April 2010. We wanted a 2% increase on the rates in schools to maintain wage parity with hospitals.

While the Ministry wasn’t prepared to offer 2% we think with a new minimum rate of $14.84 your CEA will still be close enough to the hospital rates to continue to pursue the parity argument. (The hospital CEAs will be up for re-negotiation before the end of this year.)

Organising For a Better and Fairer Future

We still strongly believe that a consistent pay rate across the government sector is worth fighting for. Our plan is to organise more and more school
workers into the union to make this a reality in 2011.

We will initially be focussing on the 100 largest schools in the country to get more delegates elected and more members signed up. Some of these meetings have already been held, and more are being organised.

If you want a meeting to be held at your school, or in your area get in touch with your union organiser to arrange this.

If you have any questions or comments you can contact a union representative on 0800 UNION1 (0800 864 661).

Click here to view this newsletter in a printable format (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader as it is a PDF file).

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